ECS 210 – Week 7

Curriculum as Treaty Education

After watching the videos it is important to teach treaty education in the classroom because it something that all people in Canada share. Throughout many of the videos, it mentioned that the significance of teaching treaty education is that ‘we are all treaty people’. With that, in Claires video she discusses her experience within her school regarding treaty education. For many of the teachers at her school they believe they do not see the significance in teaching treaty education when the school is mainly a ‘white’ dominated. Claire argues with this because she believes that is what the issue is, some teachers/communities believe that if there is not a large population of indigenous people/students in the environment, then it is not important to recognize the indgenous culture. In Claires video she mentions that this is when teaching treaty education is important in the classroom. She refers to treaty education as ‘settlers education’ because even though majority of her students are white, we are settlers to Canada. Her analogy is that even though most of her students might not be Indgenous, we are all settlers in Canada and she believes the importance of teaching education provides the knowledge of responsiblity and benefits of sharing this sacred land.

Understanding the curriculum is important aspect when teaching. It provides the fundamentals of outcomes and indicators that are necessary in particular grade levels. In regards to the treaty education curriculum, it is important to teach this into the classroom because we are all treaty people. Although we all do not come Indigenous backgrounds we all live on treaty land and it is importance of the meaning of this sacred land. In Dwayne Donald’s video it talks about many teachers lack the knowledge about treaty education because they are distant of not actually knowing what it is. Donald addresses that even though many people think Indigenous people are the only individuals that have faced colonization. However, Donald believes that all people have faced colonization and the disconnection between culture and the land. To improve this, Donald talks about how all teachers need to see that ‘we are all treaty people’ and how they can rebuild the relationship of knowing the indigenous culture. In the video he mentions “aboriginal perspectives being taken in the classroom depends on the relationship.” Linking to the URconfession post, with post being a teacher, she obviously has a strong opinion about treaty education in the classroom, in Donald’s video he talks about how about people have the assumptions that ‘Indigenous people just need to get over it”. With this mentality, Donald said that this is the disconnection towards Indigenous and Canadian culture, to rebuild this barrier, there is so much more than just the healing towards Residential Schools. Indigenous culture is something that shapes Canada and is critical aspect to teach in the classroom.

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