ECS 210 – Week 8

Based on my own school experience there is a few times that I can remember about citizenship education. In my earlier years of school I don’t remember much in regards to citizenship educations, but I do remember that my teachers would mention things about jobs when we grow up. However, I can remember in my later years in elementary schools teachers focusing on careers and how to be a good citizen in the world. Throughout my high school experience we did talk about citizenship in some of my classes. One of the main things that I can remember is during my time in high school we were required to do 12 hours of community service each year. We did this because it was part of my christian ethics class and it was required for my to do in order to pass. Other than that I don’t remember much about citizenship in my schooling. On another note, in the Joel Westheimer’s article it mentions 3 types of citizenship; traditional, progressive and advanced. Traditional meaning citizens that know how the government operates, progressive meaning citizens that further engage and is a ‘strong democratic”and advanced citizen means engaged within society and has higher remarks amongst society.

Looking into the curriculum regarding citizenship it is something that is not really talked about within schools. The curriculum is set up for a “democratic citizen” as Westheimer referred to it in the video. What is being taught in schools in the important fundamentals for students to be prepared to active citizen in society. With that being said, the curriculum. provides certain aspect to help with this, it does not provide the everyday fundamentals of living in a everyday society. Westheimer said that maybe some people could argue that learning everyday essential should not be something done at school. But it is important to teach students important aspects that could help them in the future.

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