ECS 210 – Week 9

Curriculum as Literacy

Throughout my school experience I experience things that could potentially be biases within the classroom. In my upbringings, some of the aspects of what I was taught strongly influenced my biases. For example, in my English language Art experience some of the things that were taught influenced me. In chapter 7 of the reading it talks about how the literature being taught amongst the classroom is only focused on a particular group of people. However, many of the things that I read in my english classes mainly focused on white majority. Example such as Shakespeare is prominant example of an example that I was strongly influenced within my high school experience. With this being a famous writer from the 1500’s we still study his literarture. Although his writing is amazing, why as educators are we still teaching this in the classroom? In my opinion reading Shakespeare in high school I never really got the significance from it, rather I would just questioned why I was learning this. From this, bringing this biases in the classroom, I know that lots of the stuff we learn in out schooling experience is only focused within a certain group of people. It the reading it mentioned that it is important to “influence our own privledge in the classroom”. Influencing this in the classroom will help uliminate biases in the classroom, and help students be able to connect with what they are learning in the classroom. Based on this video, Chimamanda faced the influenced on what was being taught in her own schooling expereince. In her experience with most of the stuff she learned about she was not able to connect with.

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  1. Hi Haylee! I really thought the Shakespeare point you made was an excellent point. I also felt the same way when I was learning this in high school. I feel this connects to points that were made in our seminar about how the curriculum should be updated! Since learning about Shakespeare in high school, I have never used it again, and do not think I ever will. I also believe students are just going to focus more on the question about why they are learning about it, rather than the actual content behind it.
    Thanks for sharing!!


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